Kids Sink

What a fantastic kid’s sink stool solution. Unfortunately there’s no image credit/link to the original source. Anyone know?

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  1. Reminds me of Pingu. The one where he needs the toilet.

  2. oh, thanks for the help!!!

  3. Thank you Christopher!

  4. Well I’m Brazil, nothing the comment, but, page delicious.

  5. There’s this great website called TinEye ( that can search for an image across pretty much the entire Internet! I sent this picture to TinEye and got the same search result Christopher posted. Check it out, it comes in pretty handy. =D

  6. It’s minimalist, but how come it reminds of horror movies?

  7. Very pretty!
    But don’t you think that the mirror hangs a little bit too high for this little miss on the picture?

  8. Perfect for a house wanting a clean uncluttered look and has small children.