Leica or iPhone?

I just gasped: San-Francisco-based photographer Joey Celis produced a custom sticker for his iPhone, skinning it to look like a Leica M9.

“Sorry but I won’t be making these to sell,” writes Celis, who makes a living as a stock photographer. “It’s just a one-off for personal use.” Oh, what a mistake. If he won’t sell it, someone else will. I absolutely want one. #wishlisted

(via core77)

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  1. Gelaskins has a custom skin builder for many devices http://www.gelaskins.com/store/skins/phones/iPhone_4 (iPhone 4 included) if you have the time to create the artwork, they’ll sell you the skin in some high-quality 3M easy-remove form :)

    I’m not affiliated – I just like the idea – wish they had an open submission like threadless or something tho…

  2. I guess that ‘someone else’ will have to ‘talk’ to Leica first before making it available for resale, not? :D

    Still, a great find and perfectly executed.

  3. Well, my guess is that LEICA will make and sell them. :)

  4. another skin place… http://www.infectious.com will sell you custom skins AND they have open submissions.

  5. Man, I bet tons of people would buy those, although I’m sure LEICA would have a problem with them.

  6. Wanna this one, so cool!

  7. I’m also a fan of GelaSkins (and not affiliated) and through their custom builder its easy to do a Leica M-Skin. It was one of my first tries :) Yet it does fit better to the 3GS, as the 4’s width/height ratio does not quite fit.

    Just read a article about Andreas Kaufmann, a guy who inherit some money and “bought Leica”. http://bit.ly/c0SHxw (sorry German only) – seems he’s the right guy to finally save Leica.

  8. I just made a custom graphic with this Leica skin for the iPhone 4 in case anybody wants it. You can grab it here – http://cl.ly/2Q13

  9. Another FYI. This amazing etsy store has several camera themed iPhone 4 skins: http://www.etsy.com/shop/topdecal?section_id=7331607, including a Leica!