Suitcase Picnic Table

I think our studio should invest into a few of these Suitcase Picnic Tables so we can sit out in DUMBO Park on the water and enjoy our lunch in style. No?

(Thank you Jenn)

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  1. very lovely picnic table! I have seen plastic suitcase picnic tables, but never wooden!

  2. these look nice but they are actually pretty flimsy. I owned one when i lived in a small cramped studio. you can hunt around and find versions of this completely in steel as well.

  3. I’ve got one of these in plastic… not nearly as stylish as the wooden one in the photo :(

  4. Gorgeous! I bet it’s heavy though!

  5. 22 pounds – not that heavy.

  6. Thanks John!

  7. It is not heavy at all! I bought this recently on One Kings Lane for $80 (I am very addicted to that site- I can send you an invite, with a $10 credit for me and you) . But I digress, I just had an outdoor dinner party- and four adults sat and ate comfortably on this table. Plus the wood is beautiful. It is perfect for a classy tailgate too (Geaux Saints!).

  8. I’ve seen this sort of thing before, aren’t they clever.

    I wonder if the wooden versions are heavy to carry for far?

    You know, if you went to a park and wanted to carry it a distance from the car (why do people picnic right next to their cars?! It makes NO sense at all.)

  9. Oh just saw the note about 22Ibs.

    Not too bad, but not so great to carry at a cumbersome size by a small handle either for any sort of distance I suspect. Hard to imagine without testing it though.

  10. i have one of these in steel and a piece of plastic broke that held the seats up broke, does anyone know where i can get parts

  11. do you have parts?