An Office in the Forest

(photos iwan baan)

Spanish architecture firm SelgasCano has designed their own office in the middle of the forest. I have no words. Gasping for air. This is unbelievably cool. Thumbs up!

(via cielbleu)

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  1. wow. it’s amazing. you really can’t help but stare at it and go, “Oooooh.” then you have to blink. and breathe. and close the window so you don’t get ridiculously jealous that you don’t work there. :)

  2. This is beautiful, I’d like to have my studio there : )

  3. Pretty nifty!

    Reminds me of the Schlumberger Doll Research labs in Connecticut, which wind around through the woods with lots of windows.

    There aren’t really any good pictures of it on the web, but here’s a glimpse:

  4. Wow, this is the place to be! Unfortunately the adress on the website is not this place in the forest. Would be cool to see this office via google maps or so.

  5. Awesome!

    What’s the window-washing budget? :-)

  6. gasping for fresh wooden air, too!
    t h i s is perfect.

  7. oh goodness! Please hire me!

  8. Lovely, like it so much.
    Can I have one? :)

  9. Francamente maravillosa!

    It must be sublime when it rains.

  10. so beautiful

  11. I feel healthier just looking at these photos and I wonder if my neighborhood HOA would approve a bump out like this coming off the back of my basement.

  12. Love the design. One of the real benefits from seeing trees: stress reduction.


  13. wow, that place is cool!

  14. absolutely amazing!

  15. Beautiful no doubt, but I wonder if the glass is prone to damage.

  16. I wanna wrk there! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!

  17. 2010: An Autumn Odyssey.

    Them chairs would do me back in.

  18. is the bathroom open air as well, in the sense of “outhouse”?

  19. Really amazing, wis i was an architect so i could apply to work there, or course i wouls have to learn Spanish and movie into the forest, this might upset my boyfriend but i think it would be worth the drama and effort.

  20. Woaw indeed… I would love to work there!!! ;-)

  21. i hope work in there. so cool

  22. What an incredible design. It looks like something a child could have done, which makes it all the more a work of genius.

    Please come build one in Minnesota!!

  23. Great design and atmosphere. Rally motivating to do job…

  24. I will have my cleaning lady proofing it before I build…

  25. I want one……

  26. So cool office you won’t be bored and always feel relax even the pressure in the work may rise. Excellent idea to have an office in the forest

  27. Wow! cool office it makes you relax. Thank you for sharing it. Continue posting great blogs like this. God bless.

  28. It is really perfect to relax in your office. I like it ;) Like a German says “Es ist wirklich super zu entspannen” ;-)

    Good wishes Andi935

  29. Wow! it is BTFL! I want to this kind of office :)