ApfelBrett (Apple Cutting Board)

This Apfelbrett made me smile. It’s a cutting board in the shape of an Apple Powerbook MacBook Pro, made out of apple tree wood.

(thank you @robblatt)

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  1. Also very useful for live-testing laptop carrier bags without having to lug your computer around all everywhere. And if you spraypaint it, you’ll have yourself an excellent movie prop.

  2. Yes… thanks… I’ve Ordered one… ;-)

    direct Link:

  3. It’s actually in the shape of a Macbook Pro! :p

  4. Fun. I’m no apple fan, but it is a nice design.

  5. Made me remember a very funny scene on Dutch television. It try to write it out here:

    There’s this elderly man in the park, sitting next to some kids on a bench. He is unwrapping a box. Saying: “What the hell is this, why did they get me a plastic cutting board. I already got two! And it had got an apple on it…” Meanwhile the kids look at the man. Then he gets up, and throws the thing into the bin. and he walk off. The kids don’t know how to get there hands down the bin first!

    Its part of a program about elderly fooling youth. And thats always entertaining.

    Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9djjNDej7s

  6. This is just awesome!

  7. Wow,It’s actually in the shape of a Macbook.

  8. Bryan Splendido did a very similar design concept, only his design allowed for knives to be stored in the USB area – when you pushed in on the knub, a knive would pop out of each and every port!!