Bike Shelf

I think I need to start a new category, called Bike Porn. This post would definitely fall into that. How beautiful is that bike? And the shelf? Look at that shelf! (sigh)

(thank you Daniel)

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  1. I think it’s a Bare Knuckle frame, made by EAI. I have one!

  2. Wow. That is sexy.

  3. I just saw this on Svpply, and I thought it was brilliant!

  4. How about two bikes?

  5. Bike porn of the highest order –

    (Scroll down for individual bike galleries)

  6. Very clever, and a nice design. Love it.

  7. No back brakes on the bike? Wires would get ripped to pieces! What a stupid design idea…

  8. You should definitely have a Bike Porn category.

  9. Fucking awsome!! Congrats!!

  10. The handle bar and pedals would scuff the wall not to mention mud and dirt from the tires.

    Its a nice design, but certainly not a functional design.

  11. i love bikes, i love wood and i like shelves.
    just not sure about this combination though….
    my bikes never that clean, plus, it doesnt look as universal as its rival…

  12. Man, that is clean.

    It looks like it could fit a wider tubed frame as well (mtb, or newer road bikes)

  13. So funny! I’ve started a category called Virgo porn on my blog. Straight lines, rows and coordinating colors. It’s all so very sad, right?

  14. I’m completely enamored with this bike rack. If my ladies bike had a straight top tube, I’d probably have to have one.

  15. So clever!

    Lovely wood as well.

  16. ooh, love this – beats my stacking wall rack.

  17. I wish they made a shelf for beach cruisers.

  18. Where can I buy one? Anywhere in London?

  19. Wow. Hey nice blog! I found it researching content for my project blog that’s all about bike pron :D

    I’ll add this tomorrow morning and link to this post! Cheers.