Daniel Pinchbeck has a great new documentary out, directed by Joao Amorim. It features Sting, Ellen Page, David Lynch, Paul Stamets, Shiva Rea, and many more talking about the changes they see coming in the next few years through the lens of Design and Community.

As many folks are feeling like the world is spinning out of control, our group of visionaries see excitement and opportunity for positive change. It is rare that a documentary leaves you with a sense of hope and some directions on how to expand your consciousness like “2012 Time For Change“. Let’s all take a moment to counteract the doom and gloom media tactics so that are so pervasive these days and look at possible new methods of doing things. The holistic approach of this documentary makes it a user manual for the third millennium.

Watch the BBC Review.

(Thank you Rachel)

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  1. Thanks a lot, Tina + Rachel – SwissMiss has long been a fave of mine, and it’s been so for sharing items like this. A big high-five !