7 Skills students need for their future

Tony Wagner is currently speaking at The Feast Conference. He is killing it. What a smart and fascinating man. I just found the above Youtube Video in which he talks about the 7 Skills students need for their future.

More on Tony Wagner.

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  1. thanks for sharing this ! he is talking about very serious problem and its not growing only in us but in india too. changes in education system and finding new way of learning is really important now days.. his point about computerised test is exactly what i think about ..
    thanks a lot !

  2. Tina, found you through Scott Berkun. Love what you’ve created and am pleasantly stunned at your 115k Twitter followers. Tip my hat to you swissmiss. Congrats to you and G on your children, and your social media presence.

  3. This is beyond excellent. Immediately after watching this video I was compelled to write Mr. Wagner an email.

    I’m a 21 year old college senior (graphic design major) and my story could not have aligned more closely with what he is describing. I had a miserable schooling experience up until senior year of high school because I had always been taught to the test. I then encountered my AP English professor who introduced an entirely new way of teaching that opened my eyes to the importance of education and the immense joy that could stem from it. We never worried about tests. All we did was read classic literature and analyze it in class. It was beautiful. Now, I’m proud to say that my once C-B average is a 3.7 GPA with every intention of going up before I graduate at the end of the year. Critical thinking and creativity is demanded of me everyday and because I am no longer simply memorizing facts, I am excelling both in my classroom performance as well as the tests I take.

    For those who have been out of the school system much longer than myself, believe me when I say that Mr. Wagner is discussing a VERY real problem. It is scary that its effects are being broadcast to the world every day as our global presence is diminishing. I hope people like Mr. Wagner are able to redirect the coming generation and inspire them to learn in a new frame of mind.

    Education is an incredible thing that should be cherished, not feared. I wish I was able to experience this much earlier in my schooling.

    Many many thanks for posting this, Tina.

  4. While watching this video my roommate became highly confused when I told him that I was just watching it out of interest and it wasn’t an assignment for any class.
    As Sir Ken Robinson says, the school system kills creativity and in many cases, the desire to learn outside of the classroom.

    My roommate is currently watching his third episode of family guy…

    Sir Ken Robinson video link: (An excellent Ted talk)


  5. everything he is saying a student needs, learning by doing.
    is what this school is doing, Hyper Island. They just opened there third school now in New York.

  6. Oh I so wish that hadn’t cut off when he was discussing schools that are using this!

  7. Friggin’ brilliant. I think I’ll email the guy, I gotta lot of thanks to give.