Bitchin’ Camero

My friend Jennifer spent the weekend with us and decided put her cooking hat on. She made a soup. No, not just a soup, the *best* soup I’ve ever had. Where did she find the recipe? On a blog called Bitchin’ Camero.

My hat tip off to both to Jen (the chef) and Melissa Camero, the force behind this impressive food blog. And now, here it is, the recipe to the best soup I’ve ever had: White Bean Soup with Mini Lamb Meatballs.

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  1. Thanks for the compliment! You just reminded me that I have to make that soup again and soon :)

  2. Does Bitchin Camero have a recipe for Dead Milkmen Dumplings?

  3. Love the song! The Dead Milkmen rock!

  4. Nice design and pictures!

  5. I started making this soup when I saw it on that blog for my then two-year-old and she ate it almost every day last winter. I have developed dozens of little variations of it. Homemade stock, Cous cous, farro, barley, etc. etc.

    I even got one of my daughters friends to love it (and I should mention that the closest this friend gets to vegetables is Veggie Booty). This recipe has attained cult status… This soup is magic. This soup makes a two year old love kale.

    I owe you big time, Melissa.

  6. Wow Amanda! Thanks very much :)