Eric Baker: Today

After the DesignMatters taping with lovely Debbie Millman today, I had the pleasure to meet Eric Baker. While talking he mentioned TODAY, a daily visual email he used to send out. A daily curated set of images, delivered right to your inbox. Unfortunately he no longer runs TODAY but you can see quite a few of these fantastic emails over at the DesignObserver.

(A shame he ended it and Eric did this before tumblr existed. I want to add every other image to my ffffffound account.)

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  1. Thanks for providing the link to his past emails – they’re a goldmine of design inspiration!

  2. As Eric’s student, I was lucky enough to be on the Today mailing list for the last few months before he stopped sending it. It was amazing and I constantly go back to those images when I need inspiration. I am glad he continues to share them through design observer.

  3. A new series, also on Design Observer, starts today called Accidental Mysteries, curated by John Foster. Here it is: