I have PSD

“Photoshop dexterity (PSD) is a skillset acquired by proficient users of Adobe Photoshop, the world’s most ubiquitous digital tool for creating visual ideas. Qualities of PSD include supernatural powers of imagination and an overwhelming desire to constantly make the world more beautiful. PSD affects people from different walks of life. In fact, there is a high probability that you have PSD.”

I Have PSD from Hyperakt on Vimeo.

Have you seen World Without Photoshop?

(I admit it, Photoshop has been taking over my life. I do Control-Z in my head whenever I drop or spill something, I pull up the saturation panel when I feel like my surroundings could use some more ‘umpf’, and yes, I have toyed with the idea of photoshopping my freckles. And I’ll now always think of the Layer Lock when locking my apartment door.)

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  1. I am almost entirely convinced that I have said Control-Z out loud when I have done something wrong. Suffices to say that I’m loving all of these Photoshop jokester videos.

  2. this is fantastic. i definitely have psd. ;)

  3. Cool clock in his office…!!

  4. ouhh!! what a cute guy! ;P