Laptop Backpack

My friend asked me for a recommendation for a Laptop Backpack, and now I can’t stop looking for the best-looking-most-practical-model out there. I love my ACME Slim Pack but would definitely consider getting this FREITAG Model, would I be in the market for a new one. Nice to see that backpacks are coming back.

(via stilsucht)

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  1. That is a lovely looking bag. As another option, I just bought a Brenthaven SlimPack for $50 on Amazon. A steal as far as I’m concerned. It’s soft foam interior houses my MacBook Pro perfectly and the secret waterproof rain cover is an added bonus. Here’s the link:

  2. wow! this is nice, comfortable to carry, safe for the laptop and cool… like it.

  3. I bought a nice practical and attractive rucksack the other day, not for my laptop, but just for general travelling, however, I did note it has a nice little flat padded space in there for a laptop, so that did please me actually.

    They will probably do that with most ruck sacks now I think? Or indeed most luggage type items will have this sort of feature. It makes sense I think if they did.

  4. I just bought a BBP bag a month ago, and I highly recommend it as a backpack or messenger bag — it does both — and it’s helped my posture and is a breeze to commute with on a bike. Not quite as sexy as the Frietag though…thanks for sharing!

  5. I hate to say it, but I checked out Freitag bags at a local boutique and they were, quite frankly, *smelly.* I mentioned this to a friend and she wondered about off-gassing from whatever they’re treated with. I wonder about that. I love that they’re recycled, and they look great, but *phew.*

  6. What a great looking bag! I need one of these — I like how its so versatile.

  7. Exactly what I’m looking for, thanks!

  8. Why does it have to be $400 USD?

  9. agreed. the price is ridiculous. it’s a shame because i think many love the product but aren’t willing to drop that kind of coin on a bag.

  10. I have a Freitag F13 myself, and I can agree on the smell, I have it for about 3years now and it still smells. I never washed it though.
    The smell goes away a little, but it doesn’t go away. Shame for such nice bags though.