Alphabetic Bookshelf

This Alphabetic Bookshelf will certainly not win a price for being the most useful bookshelf out there, but it sure makes a typography lover like me happy.

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  1. I featured this on my blog last week. It is indeed an interesting bookshelf. It’s actually called the AAKKOSET (

  2. Looks funky but keeping all your books and things organized might become a hassle

  3. I like it, this is cool. The colour of it is really nice!

  4. wow that is cool!!! thanks for sharing!!!

    cheers from Berlin!

  5. Yes, it’s great, also in terms of price and weight (~ 21000 USD/1300 lb). I’d better start saving now …

  6. LOVE It Have you seen the wall of drawers with letters on each differently sized drawer?

  7. Who doesn’t want DIN in his livingroom?

  8. Love it. Perfect for a kids room.

  9. yes this is very cool! im having my first baby soon, so this will defo be i the things to get!