Illustrator CS5 Feature

You like to draw type? Jessica Hische style? Then you’ll love the below screencast Jessica did of a new Illustrator CS5 feature:

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  1. That’s also a feature in Bohemian Coding’s new vector drawing app Sketch, which is only $40.

  2. which tool is that??????

  3. That’s variable width stroke. A very cool feature, indeed!

  4. Widht Tool! Only at Illustrator CS5.
    A new way open…

  5. OMG! All the hours of time I’ve spent doing that by hand… I can’t believe how ridiculously giddy I am!

  6. That’s a great feature, but you really can’t see in the video what’s going on!

  7. Why can’t I hear anything!?!?! I am chomping at the bit. They one I just tried looks like my 5 year olds handwriting…practice, practice, practice!

  8. Great feature, I fell in love with it :D it makes life easier.

  9. this is A.Mazing

  10. Great, cant wait to use at Valpo Web Design