Updates via Email –> Mailchimp

I am superhappy to announce that starting saturday november 20th, my blog email updates will be delivered via Mailchimp. (Yes, this means there will be a chimp delivered into your inbox, daily.) If you can’t keep up with your RSS reader and don’t always want to look up my site to see what’s new, you can simply follow swissmiss via email. Sign up on the left on my blog where it says ‘updates via email’.

If you already are a subscriber, your email address will be moved over to Mailchimp. If for some reason you are not getting the updates anymore, please sign up again. But first make sure that the email updates didn’t end up in your spam folder. It will be coming from a different email address so there is a chance that might happen.

Yay! And thank you Mailchimp!

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  1. This is really cool. I love MailChimp. What do you use to power your site? I know MailChimp’s API is really friendly. I’m wondering if I can make it work with Expression Engine.

  2. Oh, how comes i receive this e-mails from Mailchimp for months already? hmm. Seems that i was part of a beta test.