Never Say No To Panda

(via Cameron)

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  1. Ugh-I love these so much!

  2. Love it. Made me laugh.

  3. omg scary panda–Ill have nightmares about that

  4. These are funny!

  5. oh i love the panda ads.
    have seen them before, but it never stops being funny.

  6. To me these ads are violent and unappealing.
    They are a mirror of the society they were made in.
    Buying cheese out of fear? what’s next?

  7. I love these! I put my hand to my mouth in horror at the same time as the nurse, which made my boyfriend laugh even harder.

  8. This isn’t funny. The dairy industry’s treatment of animals is horrific. Using a panda’s image to represent this violent industry is an insult to everyone’s intellect and to animals. Shame on the industry, and shame on the ignorant PR firm they hired to create this! Learn about the dairy industry and about society’s treatment of animals, and then commit to going vegan.

  9. I’m all for alternative lifestyle choices such as veganism and applaud you for your commitment to speaking up for those who have no voice, but you should seriously consider coming down from your soap box and stop trying to make people feel bad about something they most likely aren’t even aware of. Let your point speak for itself. Talking down to people isn’t going to help your cause.

  10. This ad is egyptian, it doesn’t reflect our image at all. It’s not even about fear.