Pocket Pencil

Simply Brilliant: Pocket Pencil. (And beautiful!)

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  1. nice & simple, but wouldn’t it mark your pocket?

  2. just put it in your damn pocket. jeez.

  3. Usability arrived to the world of stationary.
    Steve, if you are worried about your pocket, go for this one:

  4. This is VERY wasteful. Probably designed by people that think reinventing the chair every year is important to the design community.

    Design is the problem.

  5. As nice as this is, I think it would break easily and I don’t like to stick pencils in my pocket since I invariably get stabbed with them. If the situation were to arise where I need a pencil, I put it behind my ear.

    However, this would make a nice “broiiinnggg” noise when playing with the indentation.

  6. A solution in desperate need of a problem.