What are you worth?

Interesting post by Whitney Hess: “What are you worth?”

What you’re worth is a question only you can answer. It’s loosely a combination of your ability, experience, and instinct. I don’t believe any of these three can be objectively measured, therefore it’s your responsibility to make a subjective assessment and assign a dollar amount to it.

Some people charge by the hour, but I won’t. If my worth requires more time to shine through, the client should not be penalized. But if my worth gets me to the answer faster, why should I be penalized?

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  1. Wow Tina, thanks so much for the link love :)

    What has your experience been in learning how to price yourself?

  2. I think you killed Whitney’s site Tina…. :(

    I keep getting the 403 Forbidden page.

  3. That’s a very good point made by Whitney. I like it.

  4. Same here B. Moore. I keep getting the 403 Forbidden page too.

    @swissmiss – Can you relink the “What are you worth” post mentioned here.


  5. Whitney’s server went down, she is working on getting the site back up!

  6. It went back up this morning, sorry for the pain everyone!