Leather iPhone Pouch

Sleek and sophisticated leather iPhone covers by Swedish design firm PAP Designs. Inside pouch holds your phone, outside pouch holds business cards, cash, etc.

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  1. Interesting, from the Finland you can have about similar leather iphone pockets. Finnish company is called Costo and they are making all their products from recycling materials. Take a quick look http://www.costo.fi

  2. Any luck on getting one of these for droid x?

  3. Just catching up on my reading, SM, and this made me think of a local designer here in Raleigh that makes some dern good products…. are you familiar with Holly Aiken?:

    iPhone sleeves: http://www.hollyaiken.com/product.php?category=96

    iPad sleeves: http://www.hollyaiken.com/product.php?category=89