Molecule Building Set

I might just have to order one of these Molecule Building Sets for my office. A beauty, no?

Each set consists of 24 molecules atoms made of wood (6 colors, 4 of each) and wooden sticks to connect the dots and turn the molecules into your own unique design.

(via betterlivingthroughdesign)

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  1. Lovely looking, but horrifyingly unscientific… it should read “Each set consists of 24 atoms”, not 24 molecules, as it is atoms bond together by covalent bonds that form molecules. And even then, the possible molecular geometries are more than unlikely to be found in a real molecule. A bit sad, as a little more thinking would have made this product a stunning beauty in the rather boring market of molecule building kits…

  2. I have been wanting one of these myself for a while. I suggested one on Etsy to my friend for her scientist boyfriend a couple months ago and have since been scouring for an inexpensive one myself. I don’t care much for science, but I love the look of atoms and molecules.

  3. Cute and smooth, but you and your readers might be better served by the same thing with twice the parts at less than half the price.

    That would be Molecular Model Sets; Fisher; Basic: Organic; Advanced: Organic, Inorganic, and Molecular
    by Christensen Educational Materials

    Seems like the motto of Fawn and Forest is probably “Why Pay Less?”