Every December, millions of tech-savvy young people descend on their homes only to arrive to a long list of tech support issues that their parents need help with. A few Googlers thought there had to be a better way that would save all a few hours each December…

The result of their brainstorm was TeachParentsTech.org, a site that allows you to select any number of simple tech support videos to send to mom, dad or uncle Vinnie.

Brilliant. Made me smile!

(via @shiflett)

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  1. Ha Ha, what a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Fantastic idea, but I would slow down the movies a lot and also offer a printable version with screenshots and instructions. On a smaller screen it’s very challenging to watch the movie while also trying to complete the task.

  3. This is FABULOUS! I’ve already sent it to my Dad… via my Mom, because my Dad never checks his email. Ha! :)

    I’m a recent follower and really LOVE Swissmiss! Thanks for all you share!

  4. I wish it existed in French! It would be the best Christmas present for my mom, ever!

  5. Perfect! Getting tired of ScreenSharing into my parents computer just to find out they loaded the paper incorrectly!

  6. Thanks through Elizabeth Delemba for this great idea for refreshing the information! Graet help!