TeuxDeux = 1

It’s a birthday day here at TeuxDeux headquarters.

A year ago today, my studiomates Cameron, Evan and I launched a To-Do App called TeuxDeux. Little did we know that our fun side project would touch so many people’s lives and increase the global productivity index by 34%. (joking)

Within hours of launching and announcing it on swissmiss, Fast Company wrote a blog post about it calling it “The Web’s most beautiful To-Do List“. Yes, we were speechless.

Within 24h of launch we had over 10k users, which grew to 50k users in a mere 4 weeks. Now, a year later, just by word-of-mouth we have over a 140k users. (That’s more than 46 times the size of the town I grew up in in Switzerland.)

We have been blown away by the response to our simple, calendar based app. It obviously struck a nerve with people that like to get things done. If you love making lists, you mostly like will like TeuxDeux.

The minute we launched everyone started asking for an iPhone app. We listened. Cameron and I, savvy when it comes to web sites and web apps, had never done an iPhone app. As you can imagine, the learning curve was steep, but the fun factor and overall excitement of getting into a new medium was high! Entering this new territory made me think back to the days when I just started out in web design. A few times, before a call with our developer, I looked over to Cameron and asked: “If I ask for this feature, will I come across like a client that asks for a Flash Site with a ‘Skip Intro’ page?”

The iPhone app development took us longer than we anticipated but in august of 2010 we finally launched the TeuxDeux App:

We built TeuxDeux for ourselves. We *never* anticipated this getting so big and having such a profound impact on so many people’s lives.

We now have a huge global fanbase that on a daily basis sends us love tweets:

A big giant thank you to all of our loyal users! If you’re wondering What deux yeux have teux deux teuxday? Have a piece of cake for us!

Yay Internet!

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  1. Congrats and happy birthday Teux Deux!

    Have to ask: how’s the Android app coming along? ;-)
    Very much looking forward to that. You’ll have at least one buyer on launch day.

    Best of luck in the next year!

  2. Happy Birthday, Teux Deux! I’ve been madly in love with this app since day one, using it on both my computer and my iPhone. Best to-do app I’ve ever used by far. Keep up the amazing work! :)

  3. Make that two purchasers for the android app. I love the web functionality and wish it was accessible on the android browser.

  4. Happy birthday Teux Deux, I’m glad it is such a great success.

    I second the question on the android app :) that’s two downloads for sure on launch day!

  5. Happy first birthday, I avidly Teux Deux everyday, in fact much as you would say “I’ll google it”, I now say “I’m going teuxdeux it”. Thank you so much Tina, Cameron and Evan.

  6. Happy birthday TeuxDeux. You make my life more organised.

  7. Happy birthday

  8. TeuxDeux has made me much more efficient at work. Definitely one of the most useful tools I use every day. Happy birthday!

  9. I do love teuxdeux, too. But you do now that I always pronounce it “Töh-döh” in my head, right? (also, the last sentence of this post of course was “What dö yö have tö dö töday” ;)

    Happy börsday, teuxdeux!

  10. Happy Birthday. I use it everyday!

  11. Great piece of work. If I was more organized I would remember I have an account.

  12. Love Teux Deux! Stuff gets done!

  13. Congrats. Don’t know what I did before I had TeuxDeux.

    P.S. It’s my birthday too!

  14. Happy birthday TeuxDeux. We love you!

  15. Happy Birthday indeed!
    It’s still my go-to to-do app / wishlist for someday things.

  16. Happy birthday! Still the most beautiful To-Do site.

  17. Everyone is posting “Happy Birthday” comments so I guess ill follow suite ha. And in response to the first post, YES get that android app a goin! Theres such a huge market out there now for apps for phones its insane. Good luck and kick some ass!

  18. Hello :)
    I recently gave my boyfriend teuxdeux for his iphone. I now refer to him as Mike version teuxdeux. The MUCH improved efficient version of Mike :) I find it hard to believe that an iphone app could improve my relationship – but this one truly has :) THANK YOU!!
    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day and look forward to a fabulous year,

  19. Awfull name (at least for french speaking users) but great app. I love it! Happy birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday!! I’ve been using it ever since (wow, 1 year already?!) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

  21. Happy first year TeuxDeux! You simply, beautifully, organize my life. Thank you!

  22. Happy birhtday TeuxDeux! I just bought Calvetica too, which has almost the same design, simplicity and ergonomy. Great. And thanks to SwissMiss too…
    Cheers from France!

  23. Happy Birthday and congratulations on the success. However, I really miss two things about teuxdeux.

    1st the option to adjust the layout: Personally, I do not have so many short To-Dos, but most of the time it’s a handful or two of To Dos that require a little elaboration. For me it feels uncomfortable to have to mouseover at each item in order to see it completely. So maybe you could introduce a radio button in the options that allows the interface to display full length notes over several lines. Looking like this:

    really long
    so it spreads

    2nd thing I miss is also due to the length of my notes: I want to be able to edit them, instead of deleting the old ones and rewriting them from scratch.

    I this could be implemented, this would be absolutely perfect. Still simple, but all the basic functionality.

  24. +1 for Android! I hope it gets completed soon!

  25. Happy birthday TeuxDeux!

    I miss one feature in the app to make it lifebendingly addictively perfect:
    A week view in landscape mode.
    There, it’s out. Got it off my chest…

    I’m not waiting. Not at all. No, not me.

  26. perfect App for me. Thank you!

  27. Love, love, love Teux Deux.

    The simplicity absolutely makes it for me. So elegant and user friendly. However, I’m now going to completely contradict myself and request a couple of extra features…

    1. I’d love to be able to see all my completed and forthcoming ‘to-do’s in a list view that could be scroll though quickly from beginning to end (maybe with the dates listed too on one side).

    2. Some way to copy a repeating ‘to-do’ across a whole week / month / year / indefinitely rather than having to add it in every time.

    If I got my wish and these functions were added at some point, it’d be absolutely perfect as far as I’m concerned.

    Thanks again for such a briliant (and free) application!

  28. I love Teux Deux, I just stumbled across it while looking through the about section on this site and following various links. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks but it’s brilliant. It’s the first ToDo app I’ve ever really properly because it’s so simple. It’s brilliantly designed and is no hassle whatsoever, just type it in, hit enter and then click to cross it off. Brilliant. Keep up the great work!

  29. just re-affirming the desire/need for an adroid app! Love the site, happy birthday :)

  30. Lovin it. Started using it a few months ago. Two things though:
    1. it would be nice to have some easy way to put in reoccuring teuxdeuxs like watering the flowers, etc. I always forget that ;)
    2. the android app, I know I’m not the first one ;)

    Greetings from Germany


  31. Can’t wait for Android app!

  32. I’m sure it gets old, but I gotta chime in: can’t wait for the Android app!