What Type are you?

Something tells you I am late to the game with Pentagram’s What Type Are You? But anyhow, it made me laugh! (I am Cooper Black Italic!)

(Thank you Markus!)

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  1. Interesting! I’m Dot Matrix. :)

  2. Disappointing, I am dot matrix, too…

  3. courier! who would have thought?

  4. I am Archer Hairline, and love it!

  5. yeeeeaaaah!! courier! totally me.
    very impressed with both the production and my result!

  6. Universal <3 (Good thing this game remembered me )

    PS. Does anyone know what the background music is?

  7. Universal. I can live with that I guess. although in general I find Bauhaus design a little stark.

    I was floored that your type, Ms. Eisenberg, was not Helvetica. But when I got to the end I saw that that was not even one of the choices. What the heck is up with that?!

  8. Im Archer Hairline! Sweet website, thanks for sharing!

  9. I made it to the second question before realizing this piece is annoying.

  10. I’m a Marina Script which interestingly is very similar to the script I chose for my business cards. Actually I like it better and after looking at all the script choices, it was definitely my favorite. Thanks.

  11. Got Universal! Fun page. Have to agree the process is a bit much though – the video idea is novel, but having it b/w every question gets tiresome.

  12. I got Comic Sans. I am going to shoot myself now!

    hehehe… kidding