Nerd Merit Badges

Mu studiomate Chris just showed me the Inbox 0 Nerd Merit Badge that he received. Mad me laugh. The Being Boinged is supercool!

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  1. So much fun and great to see them here! I had the pleasure of designing the Homonym, Family Tech Support, Rubber Duck and Full Stack Developer badges for the good folks @ Nerd Merit Badges.

  2. It reminds me a bit of the Science Scouts badges.

  3. Meli, there’s good reason for that — the Science Scouts were a big part of our inspiration, along with a couple of other folks. If I ever earn the “Published in the New Yorker” Science Scouts badge, you can _bet_ we’ll make one :)

  4. Love these..esp the Boing Boing one, too! They should make more of them for popular websites/blogs like yours! :)