Order of Mug

Do you like surprises and believe in the uniqueness of vintage mugs? Then you’ll love OrderOfMug.com.

Request a mug, send them $20 and they’ll send you a unique, MUG, certified and all. Check out the archives!

The MUG USERS GUILD advocates the glorified wielding of reusable beverage receptacles, shunning the feckless use of disposable cups. MUG also encourages coffee establishments globally to adopt a responsible code of conduct to discontinue the mass distribution of wasteful to-go cups, offering reusable mugs as the only option to thirsty patrons.

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  1. Love this! I’m a mug fanatic.

  2. HA! What a great way to sell flea market finds. BTW – my mom actually had the entire set of the duck cups on the site. :)

  3. What a great idea! This should help with some upcoming gift-giving – thanks for posting.

  4. Hm… why would you not simply go to goodwill or any thrift store and spend 25 cents? most of these are unremarkable to just plain ugly, irony or no irony.

    Good for them for preying on those easily sold by a tumblr and a decent logo

  5. Truly, I think you’ve missed the point. They are promoting the use of mugs in general, not just the ones they sell. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, just stop wasting paper cups.

    I also don’t think offering something for sale on an open market equals “preying” on anyone.