Illustrator Luc Latulippe and his partner Doug went analog by creating a simple spreadsheet that hangs on their fridge, to manually jot down their monthly expenses. They say that no “app” has managed to do for them what this simple sheet of paper had.

And of course, it’s not meant to replace proper bookkeeping, but rather to give them an overview of how they’re spending their money. They’ve uploaded it for public use (versions: Numbers, PDF, or Excel.

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  1. Jack and Jill went to pay the bill
    for insurance and hot water…

  2. make sense. nothing works better than paper. let’s drop the iphone once in a while.

  3. but, couldn’t it be less ugly?

  4. It does make sense.
    @Jack, they’ve provided the Excel file to do as you wish.

  5. Moneywell does exactly this for me. And there is an app.

  6. Ugly or not, its a great tool!

    I changed mine a little, but helped me a lot.

  7. I uploaded to google docs, now we can check anytime !

  8. After committing to using Buxer to chart all of our expenses, my husband and I know exactly where we spend our money. It’s fun too, cause I can see which month we ate out more, how much in total our vacations cost, how much we spend on our cars (which will tell us in the long run if the splurge on the Prius will save us $ in gas). It’s in the cloud, and you can add expenses through your phone too.

  9. Can I just tell you, I’m a young person still trying to figure out money and “adult” living things, and this is the most helpful PDF. Thank you, for sharing it and making my life more organized.

  10. Being a freelancer, and not having a regular “Income” it’s really hard for me to use any kind of app…
    I’ll give this a try.


  11. I have a similar spreadsheet I use. But this one is better. :D nothing like just writing it down to keep you on budget.

  12. Nice, I like the idea of this. I also found Pocket Smith a good financial tool, it lets you forecast your expenses with a calendar which is different and intuitive. I think they have version 2.0 coming out soon which is going to be awesome. Will update and forecast automatically. Check it out at http://www.pocketsmith.com

  13. Nice. I think there is nothing better than paper & pencil hangin in the fridge. Sometimes having stuff in the computer will just not make it….
    thank you for the post! will try it out!

  14. Oh thank you! This is niiiiice – might actually straighten up my economy that is pretty un organized. I have no idea what things cost – horrible but true…and if i dont start soon my wallet will be empty empty

  15. There is no better social media/app than the refrigerator.