Vintage Polaroid Land Camera

Somebody please (!) buy this Vintage Polaroid Land Camera over on Etsy so I don’t.

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  1. I will give you mine if you want it. I have been trying to unload a collection of polaroid cameras for months, nobody wants them. I have that exact model, got it for my Bar Mitzvah in 1967.

  2. Such a great camera. I actually bought one myself a few months ago from etsy. It’s one of my favourite looking polaroids!

  3. I bought two new in box last year (similar model Big Swinger 3000). Use it with Fuji film (FB3000). It’s great.

  4. You should check out:

    a great resource for vintage Polaroids, i restore and refurbish old models as well as convert them to accept modern pack film.

  5. This is a great camera. You should put in a bid. One of these was in my family for years. Many happy memories. I’ve blogged about it here

  6. anyone have a polaroid sx 7 land camera for sale?
    thank you, charlotte perry

  7. Hey !
    If you want a Polaroid camera, go buy a pack 100, like Polaroid Land Camera 250. Fuji still produces films for these cameras. And go to ; )

  8. thank you for replying, and for steering me in the right direction. much appreciated. cheers, charlotte

  9. The Swinger! I think Ali MacGraw was the model in the TV spot for the Swinger. I recall reading that in a book about Land.