An Apartment for Space-Age Lovers

If I lived on my own this is how I would want to live. Completely clutter-free. No visual noise whatsoever. The owners of this sleek NYC apartment wanted a place where every boot and book, every single little thing could be hidden away; they wanted something that would make the most out of their 715 square feet.

I especially love (!) the concept of the friendly Black Hole, a flexible zone which can be annexed to the living room or bedroom, or optionally kept closed as a large walk-through closet space depending on the needs. It’s big enough to gobble up anything they need to hide.

Hat tip off to Dash Marshall, the architect/designer.

(I know, I know some of you might say that this is too sterile! Live and let Live!)

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  1. Ack! I’m a pretty minimalist guy, but that space has no soul.

  2. I second the above comment.

  3. i love the visual purity of this space, but i have to say i like a little clutter in my every day life (not too much though!) it’s always good to have “a place for everything” but i’m not so good at putting “everything in it’s place”… so i guess no matter where i plant my caboose my living space is always going to have some clutter out on tabletops & countertops. also, is there only the one chair? i need a few good (and comfy!) chairs around for lounging – i’d have to add a few things, definitely :) everything in moderation for me, i guess!

  4. The light that seems to come from everywhere reminds me of the movie 2001 ( ). I like the pixelated ghosts, they even have pixelated reflections!

  5. Why would an intellectual need a TV?

  6. so overwrought and constipated…it really is souless and plastic-y