Art piece needs a temporary new home

Brooklyn based artist Ian Trask is trying to find a home for the above pictured cardboard sculpture. It’s been on a wall in the grand ballroom of Webster Hall for the last 8 months, and due to renovations had to come down. He is trying to find a suitable semi-permanent home so that he doesn’t have to discard the piece.

Do you have space for it? If so, get in touch with Ian.

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  1. That’s not nice, @Carl. :( I think this piece is supercool. If I had a space that this would look cool in, I’d adopt it myself.

  2. Of course it’s a joke. It’s an interesting piece, but there is a resemblance of growth to it.

  3. It’s a hybrid between pencil sharpening ribbons and an oriental fan. It’s pretty cool.

    By the way, I just listened to the interview on Design Matters – fabulous.

  4. Lighter fluid. Match. Extinguishers at the ready to save Webster Hall. Problem solved.

    Not every Excrescence needs to be saved for “posterity.” Many need to be blissfully buried in a fading memory.

  5. But I do think Swiss M is nice when she’s trying to save it. Maybe just fold it up and drop in a box.

  6. recycle it.

  7. That would take up most of my living room. I do really lovevit though. Very organic, almost alien.

  8. the work in person is quite amazing. consider how this work evokes ‘temporary’ architectural works by Shigeru Ban or some of the beautiful ‘temporary’ organic installations by Andy Goldsworthy, this is an obvious beautiful step in adding to the conversation inspired by those works.

  9. LOVE IT! Try Invisible Dog in Boerum Hill- they actually showed some pieces with a similar feel. Also perhaps Textile Arts Center?
    Best of luck – I responded imeediatley to the piece and think it is gorgeous!

  10. Hey Tina, have you/Ian found this a home yet? We might have room in our new offices in Brooklyn…