Buddha Dish

I can’t believe it’s not Buddha! Keep your butter fresh and in a total state of zen thanks to this playful porcelain dish in the guise of a joyful Siddhartha. Made me smile.

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  1. The character represented on the butter dish is actually Budai (the “Laughing Buddha”), not Siddhartha Guatama.

  2. One wonders whether the figure of Jesus would be subjected to such treatment.

  3. But a “Jesus Dish” doesn’t even make sense…

    I’m kidding.

  4. @Alexis L. You’re dreams have come reality… in the form of Pepper.

  5. @Trevor Asked and answered. Whoa.

  6. I put this on my wedding registry! It makes me happy.

  7. if I consume what’s inside, might I become buddha-shaped? Maybe, methinks…

  8. heeee heeeee!! this is brilliant!!

  9. it took me two days to get it.

  10. well, the point, not the actual dish.

  11. What? You guys haven’t heard of Big Butter Jesus?


  12. It’s buddhaful.

  13. Man, this totally made my day.

  14. Thx SwissMiss, we love you!