CloudApp allows you to share images, links, music, videos and files. Here is how it works: choose a file, drag it to the menubar and let them take care of the rest. CloudApp provides you with a short link automatically copied to your clipboard that you can use to share your upload with co-workers and friends. Additionally you can view, track and delete files right from your menubar. it doesn’t get much easier. Impressive.

(Thank you Rusty)

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  1. This is a great app. I use it for work and for personal. It is especially useful if you are sending digital content to people that are uncomfortable using ftp or other transfer services.

  2. use it everyday, and love it. also one of the easiest ways to share screen shots (not to mention a nifty little progress indicator: )

  3. Just started using this today. Fluffyapp uses the the same account but the application works on Windows.

    The screenshot tool is great too.

  4. Perfect no more hard drives…

  5. CloudAPp is awesome. Just taking a screenshot and having it automatically copy-for-pasting is reason enough to install it. From desktop to tweet in no time flat.

  6. Just tested and I love it.

  7. An excellent web app and very clever. There are quite a few like this around at the moment, but still very impressive.

  8. If you like this then you will love dropbox (
    Basically the same thing except smarter!
    So it has a “public” folder where you can send a direct link (exactly as with cloudapp)

    But what makes it better than cloudapp is:

    – Dropbox works on both mac and windows
    – You can have subfolders and share these folders with specific people, so you can share a folder with the team you are working with or have 1 folder for each of your clients.
    – You have a local “copy” of your dropbox on your HD that is automatically synced with your dropbox account – this means that you just save the file in the relevant folder on your HD and it is automatically synced to that folder on your dropbox and all local folders on all accounts that are synced … this also means that you can work with files directly from your shared folder on your HD and they are automatically updated in the cloud. (And clients or colleagues are notified that a file has been updated)
    – No file size or uploads limit
    – 2GB of space

    Dropbox rocks your socks off!

  9. Yeah, looks great, though I’m having trouble finding out how much space you actually get to use. I’m a pretty loyal Dropbox user, but this looks like a really neat alternative if it provides a similar amount of space.

  10. Cloud used to be so much better. Now there’s limits on everything.
    Try Flow

  11. @Paulina … with cloudapp you only get 250megs of space and a limit of 10 uploads a day (in the free version) compared to the 2 gigs and unlimited uploads on dropbox i don’t see what the point of cloudapp is?

  12. Dropbox still wins.