Come and Draw Table

This kids drawing table makes total sense AND looks fantastic. It’s called Come and Draw and was created by Goethenburg based designer Tiang Tiang. I love it so much I’d like a custom version with red as the accent color to use it as a conference-brainstorm-session-table in our new studiomates wing.

I found it over on Bloesem Kids.

UPDATE: Now available for purchase here.

(Thanks Lisa)

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  1. What a rad idea. Totally want this in kid and adult size. But I wonder where I would find round replacement paper?

  2. Love this! anything that gets kids (and maybe their parents?) drawing is a winner in my book!

  3. Would also make a great lunch table, easy to clean, easy to share on. @johnny i am also curious about getting paper for it.

  4. I bumped onto this product while surfin’ n surfin’ and went SUPER CRAZY over this!

    WHERE do I buy this? It says coming to USA in Feb 2011 but where?

    Please let me know if you know.


  5. Una buena y original idea…