German Love and Likor

Here’s a T-Shirt for all of you that speak German or have an affinity for the language:

“Ich möchte Dir sagen, daβ ich Dich nie verlassen werde. Und dann, wenn Du traurig bist, könnte ich Dir immer ein biβchen Likör geben, um dein Herz zu aufwärmen. xo”

Basically this means that I’ll be there for you always. And I’ll get you drunk when you’re sad.

(Not crazy about the type treatment, but the message made me chuckle.)

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  1. I love this. I’d agree about the type though.

  2. Something looks weird on the German double-s (ß) in the description. Could it be a Greek beta (β)?

  3. And to add one more thing: The last sentence is wrong. It should be “[…] um dein Herz aufzuwärmen”.

  4. Na dann würde ich sagen,


  5. I love the idea of this shirt, but there are some things so wrong with it that bother me :(. Aside from what Fabian already pointed out…

    Du, Dich, and Dir shouldn’t be capitalized. For the non-German speakers, we have two ways to say “you” in German- du (informal, to friends, family, etc) and Sie (formal, to anybody you’d call Mr. Soandso). I believe capitalizing Du/Dich/Dir is a really old style way of writing and doesn’t get used anymore. It’s a politeness thing, but it doesn’t work in this case because someone you would tell this message to would be a really good friend so formal or polite speech would sound really out of place.

    The other thing is daß is now spelled dass, without the ß. The last German spelling reform made it so ß is only used after long vowels and diphthongs. Unless of course you’re Swiss, then the ß doesn’t even exist ;).