Giant Office Supplies


A London based property developer needed to divide up a vast floor space so that agents could show prospective tenants that there were four clear and distinct areas for office space. They hired Radford Wallis to come up with an idea and so the Giant Office Supplies were born. The giant objects were positioned where the partitions would eventually be built. Made me smile.

(via AmritRichmond / via MyModernMet)

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  1. I need a giant black permanent marker to cross giant things off my giant to do list.

  2. It’s not often that a client has this much budget to play with, and the accord of the brands involved was obviously a necessity. Excellent work!

  3. Students from the industrial design wing in my school are doing the exact same project on a yearly basis.

  4. I have to tell you that I think we are kindred spirits because I geek out about almost everything you post… Giant office supplies, I mean how much cooler can you get?

  5. I like the idea with the high light pen! Look very promotional! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Is it real marker pen or just virtual? if real then i need a red giant marker pen.