it’s not the end.

The above quote caught my eye and made me smile. The poster hangs at the Mild Bunch HQ and features their studiomate’s @robeam’s tweet, immortalised as a poster by Erskine Design for New Adventures. Too bad it’s not for sale anywhere. Or is it?

Update: A commenter below states that this is a quote by Fernando Sabino.

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  1. Wonderful! I’m in perennial need of optimism doses. This is a great reminder to keep on pushin’ :)

  2. Great find. That’s exactly how I live my life.

  3. This is a very good optimistic message. I’m sure you could create the poster yourself if you wanted.

  4. I bought this same maxim on a cool letterpress greeting card in Ireland a few months ago!

  5. good attitude for life!

  6. These were given away by the wonderful Erskine folks at New Adventures and I was very fortunate to receive this very one (they were beautifully silkscreened). Mr @robeam is a true gentleman and this sums up his very outlook and demeanour perfectly.

    As far as I’m aware they’re not available for sale, but you can find out more about the project and other words of wisdom here:

  7. Instead of “- @robeam” the poster should display “- Fernando Sabino”. This quote is form his book ‘No fim dá certo’ (In the end, it will be okay) and is right on the cover.

  8. I was just about to comment along similar lines to Almeida. Some may not think it is important, but clever words ought to be rightfully attributed to their author.

  9. Deliciously naive!

  10. Also, according you Y! Answers (where there are several strings attempting to document the source of this quote) there seems to be the following that seems to be a quite credible attribution.

    (Copy and Paste from Y! Answers)
    I suspect that the quotation belongs to the playwright Carolyn Myers.
    Two separate sites where I saw the quotation attributed to a “Carolyn Myers.”……

    Here is a very brief profile of the playwright Carolyn Myers. Her play “Girl Talk” focuses on a woman’s friendships. In a friendship, one friend is likely to console the other at some point — particularly in a friendship between two women. Since the quotation is an expression of consolation, it’s plausible that it came from this play or another of her works with a similar theme.…

    We know that the quotation belongs to a Carolyn Myers and that there is a playwright by that name. Whether we’re referring to the same person is unclear.

  11. One of my favourite quotes, while glad to see its promotion and presentation it’s a sad day when common courtesy fails in attributing the appropriate credit.

  12. The entire photo is great! The quote, whoever it belongs to, and the word grow. Love it all.

  13. Anybody know where I can buy a “grow” sign just like this one? :)

  14. Slovene prime minister Pahor just used this quote yesturday. Without the source. I guess he reads Swissmiss as well.

  15. This is my favorite quote! I couldn’t remember exactly how it went so I looked it up and got this – thanks for the post!