I am totally loving this Fatboy Knapsack. I must get one! Summer picnics anyone? What the heck, I’ll have a picnic on one of these in our studio.

(via betterlivingthroughdesign)

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  1. Not sure. I’d rather just have a blanket and a bag. That way after I lay out my blanket, I still have the bag, not all of my stuff just lying around willy nilly. A folded blanket looks easier to carry too.

    Plus, I’d still have to carry a cooler, with this thing slung on my shoulder.

  2. eignet sich bestimmt auch als lego-aufbewahrungs- und darauf-spiel-sack für die kinder. wir hatten sowas selbstgenähtes fürs lego von unserer oma als kids. (sorry, english to bad um das korrekt zu übersetzten…)

  3. Lego was my first thought, too! I remember my brothers lego under my feet! Ouch!

  4. I just bought a similar one for picnicking from Walmart for $15. It’s much better as it is packed into a much tighter package and does not take much space.

  5. It’s a clever idea and I can see why it would appeal to a lot of people, but I think I would agree with Heather. I like it, but it’s not as practical as you may think.

  6. Ha- I just saw Gesche’s comment, and laughed, because that is my first thought too! My son pours his legos onto blankets for easier pick-up, but the ends always flop out of the bunch, making spilling legos the ultimate result. This looks like it would seam everything up just perfect.

  7. Such a great idea! No more carrying a heavy, clunky blanket to the beach or park…I’m sold.

  8. Positives and negatives…Lots of very valid ideas! I for one love the idea, however I believe I could make one myself to sit on while fishing. I need to make it waterproof…thankz!

  9. Hello, my mother is the designer of this product. She sold the idea to Fatboy. She designed it for me and my brother for the Lego bricks. So you are right!
    But it is also great when we go to the beach or the parc.
    All the toys in it and we can play everywhere. Even on the airport.
    Bye, Ties Tulp