NoteSlate is low cost tablet device with a one color display. Use the compact and portable gadget anywhere you want to take notes. It allows for a up to 32GB SD card, is open to USB-mini. Interesting!

(Thank you Dave)

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  1. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Seems like the perfect scribbling tool.

    Unfortunately, a painful absence of any design whatsoever, overly optimistic specs and no coherent marketing strategy, make this more likely to become vaporware.

    But I’d really like to be proven wrong.

  2. More and more often these days I find products I’d LOVE to buy and then it turns out that they are just 3D renders.

    I’m guessing that when the real deal eventually get’s built it will be thicker and you won’t be able to write anywhere near the edges.

    All other ePaper displays, kindle etc, seem to have a mandatory 1″ or more bezel around the screen.

  3. I use Sketch book pro mobile with an Nintendo stylus on a Gpad.
    ( an android ipad knock off)
    Love it.

    It also has a kindle app, can show flash, youtube and listen to podcasts.
    Oh yeah, answer emails, write books and take photos and videos.

  4. This is a very clever device. Honestly, I can’t see this taking off, but I think it’s a great concept.

  5. Finally a way to take notes at college that doesn’t require a ton of money!

  6. “Finally a way to take notes at college that doesn’t require a ton of money!”

    Pen and paper?

  7. Holeeee…! I would love to try one of these! It looks perfect to go to school!!

  8. Me and 18373837837 other people want this little dream machine.

  9. is this for real? the copy is comical. Sounds like Engrish.

  10. Actually , the site has hugely improved since last week. Real prototype images, better description, more vision and aim. As you say, it’s still kinda odd overall. But now It’s definitely more “It just might become true” instead of “Definitely fake”.

  11. A moleskine>noteslate thingie

    Humorously nonsensical gibberish which have presumably been computer-translated. I mean who doesn’t want to be a part of the ‘contemporary future?’:

    “The Internet, social networks, connecting everywhere are just beginning, part of the contemporary future. We don`t want to be overwhelmed with technology. The biggest simplicity is enough to express the basics, to explain the idea.”

    To claim (as I think they are) that this is a paired-down, back-to-basics, lo-tech solution to sketching and keeping notes on the fly is I would say, to be marketing the product at the wrong target audience. Evidently they too realise that those who eschew gadgets for simpler approaches perhaps aren’t really their target audience after all:
    “Today all the devices are for us technologies, screens, gates (???), glossy shining objects…we think you will be covered with that anyway and use them”. And so they make an appeal to sell it to those who adopt every gadget that hits the market after initially pitching at an audience which patently doesn’t.

    Reading the asserted benefits of the noteslate under the ‘Usability’ (making sense of its liberal spraying of ambit claims and catch-phrases is another thing) you realise that absolutely all the stated benefits, not least the energy consumption and cost are better addressed by a 2b pencil and a notepad. And unlike a notepad line-weight and texture are evidently not achievable from the stylus rendering it fairly useless as a serious sketchbook.

    Yet another solution in search of a problem. Yet another device that renders an action or activity more complicated and abstracted than it needs to be. The English on that site is pretty funny though.

  12. And given that the refresh rate of e-ink approaches molasses I really don’t see how taking notes or sketching on this thing would be anything but a chore. It could not come remotely close to the refresh rate of a pencil on paper.

    Also, should you choose to digitise your work, a trusty scanner permits you to set the resolution. With the noteslate you’re locked into the screen resolution of the device.

    But I’m sure it’ll sell by the truckload to those who can’t imagine how they got by without it (read those that think that somehow a shiny new gadget will magically impart added creativity and talent as well as make them look cool and interesting when seen with it in public) even when it proves to be far less versatile than a good old pencil and sketchbook.

  13. I would buy one of it, if I could find it…
    and if it has the erase function, other than the color function