Otto Waalkes

Now here’s a post for my german speaking readers: Anyone remember Otto Waalkes? The below skitt about “Der Menschliche Koeper” (The Human Body) was always one of my favorites. “Kleinhirn an Grosshirn: Fertig machen zum Aergern!”

(Click on the image below to watch the video over on YouTube. Unfortunately embedding was disabled.)

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  1. Ob die Welt bereit ist für Otto? Grundgütiger …

  2. That was my favourite album growing up. :) Danke!

  3. mit ihm bin ich aufgewachsen :) früher noch alles von ihm auf kassete gehört! einmalig und immer noch füllt er die größten hallen und begeistert jung und alt!!

  4. Brings back memories…

  5. Haha, ich hatte die Schallplatte! ;)

  6. ha from the image alone it looks like a defendant in the peoples court. “bro and then he just took my short board and snapped it in half”

  7. That does indeed bring back memories….

  8. Oh yessss Tina, thanks for sharing! Can you believe it, last fall I actually bumped into him on the Bahnhofstrasse Zurich. Was typically Otto, flappy hat and all. He’s awesome. Greetings to NYC!

  9. Oh yes, I do remember it.
    And I love it.
    Thank you for bringing it back into my mind…! :)

    And THANK YOU for EVERYTHING that you find ad share with us.
    I have just discovered this stunning site, and I just can’t get enough of it. It is awesome.