Paper Tweet

Are you in an office with people who are not on Twitter and you have no idea how to communicate with them? Use this Paper Tweet Pad.

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  1. hahaha , very nice idea !

  2. I love this. Can you get the pad as post-its that would be perfect.

  3. Have you thought of talking to your fellow workers; it has worked for millennia

  4. Very funny. You can fax it to them.

  5. Talking? Pffff. Why not spend 10 minutes filling out a form to communicate? Genius.

  6. I neeeeeed this!

  7. Brilliant, clever and fun. Can’t wait to tell my future children “Remember back in the day when we used to hand write notes that were 140 characters or less instead of virtually tweeting it? Those were the days.”

  8. I know this is a joke, but it could seriously work for some of those ‘more senior’ members of our staff who should be involved in social media, but never will be. Get them to fill one out, then type it up yourself. Genius!

  9. LOL, well that’s creative, i love it!

  10. Sam Potts did it better 2yrs ago.

  11. This is great! Love the idea

  12. Yeesh, I’ve been on this for months! Admittedly less streamlined.

  13. How about talking…