SAY 100

Say Media approached me a while back and asked if I was interested in compiling a list of voices in the design community (bloggers) that I consider important. A list of voices that matter. Of course!

This was part of a larger effort to compile a global database of emerging talent in the age of modern media. Say media partnered with 10 experts to curate a list of the top 100 voices online. (I am humbled to be considered an expert)

Here is my list in the category Design.

Here are the other experts and their categories:

Technology: Stuart Miles, Founder and Editor of Pocket-Lint
Style: Jane Pratt, Founding Editor of Sassy and Jane Magazines
Parenting: Dana Wood, author of Momover
Business: Seth Goding, best-selling author, marketing expert, blogger
Food: Amanda Hesser, author and founder of
Thought Leaders: Clay Shirky, Internet Thought Leaders, Adjunct Professor NYU
Travel: Nick Clarke, web editor of luxury city guide
Entertainment: Rich Juzwiak, founder of fourfour
Games: Jeff Katz, founder of

If you are trying to discover some new gems online, start here. I bookmarked many new sites. A wonderful idea! Thank you Say Media!

SAY:100 Press Release from SAY Media on Vimeo.

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  1. Hmm. All very interesting…and yet, very limited to US blogs; which within this wonderful www is somewhat stupefying, considering the wealth of culture and style there is globally.

  2. I find it interesting how neatly the experts fit into gendered roles:

    women: style, parenting, food

    men: technology, business, thought leaders, entertainment

    (yes, I’m ignoring travel and games — these don’t really lean toward male or female roles for me)

  3. This is all good – I know it’s better to go and find things yourself but think of all the time you’ll save with this! Which leaves buckets of time for rummaging around yourself.

  4. I think this is a wonderful idea. Congratulations Tina for being selected to represent the design category.

  5. Yes a BIG thank you from me too :)