Tilo Red = 1

As if Valentine’s day wasn’t enough to be giddy, we are also celebrating swissmisster’s 1st birthday over here at casa swissmiss! I feel like it was just yesterday when I wrote this post. And yes this means it took me an entire year to finally post about Tilo’s birth announcement cards which were printed by the wonderful Kyle Van Horn. The drawing in the front of the card is by Tilo’s sister Ella. It was her first stab at stick figures. I was 7months pregnant at the time. So she drew me with Tilo in my tummy. Adorable? YES!

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  1. I cannot believe he’s 1 already!!!!!!! happy birthday Tilo!!! and love love love the card! x

  2. Happy one year blogiversary Tina! I love reading every day! :) e

  3. No, wait – Happy birthday Tilo! (I ’twas confused.) :)

  4. Yaay! Happy Birthday Tilo!

    How time flies.

    Thanks Tina!

  5. Mine’s right next to my robot collection by my desk.

  6. The cards are adorable! Such a great idea.
    Love this blog, thank you for sharing :)
    Happy 1st Bday to Tilo the Tiger.

  7. I love the card. What font are you using for Tilo’s name?

  8. love ’em, and happy birthday to your littlest!