What if ad agencies planned kids’ birthday parties?

(via idsgn)

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  2. oh boy, i can’t stop grinning at this… its good to laugh at yourself. :)

  3. Epic, really great. I love this blog!
    All my best from madrid, Spain!

  4. meh – What would Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce have created?

  5. The mini pony was brilliant — but I was expecting it to be pink?

  6. don’t you all think that’s a little creepy?

  7. Overall I think it’s pretty clever and funny. It reminds me a lot of the Visa “Priceless” commercials.

  8. You just made my whole night. Bless you.

  9. my favorite moment is attendance numbers: 40% increase over previous year. Spot on!

  10. Really clever. But, “We created a birthday movement”?…
    OK – maybe my mind is in the gutter but my first thought was:
    birthday movement = BM
    BM= “we created sh*t”
    Like the whole joke is on us (viewers)

  11. School Boy Error with the Pony!

    You have already invested in the Pony Hire.

    Why not go one step further. I can’t Imagine pink dye would cost that much…..

  12. Pony should have been pink – otherwise brilliant!!! Can’t stop laughing :-)))

  13. This would be funnier is it did not look like half the kids parties I go to. Now it is just scary.

  14. Brilliant! Love it!!

  15. ‘meh – What would Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce have created?’

    …nothing…because they aren’t real.

  16. Pony should be wearing a pink tutu.
    or pink wings
    and a mini cowboy hat

    Plus where is are the temporary pink pony tattoos……..
    everyone can see those for a week at school.

    Or the special pink pony club charm necklaces?

    Also, dust them with glitter on the way our the door
    and it will be in the car of mom and dad forever.

  17. When I hear the phrase “birthday movement” it makes me think of a black, slimey substance that looks like tar. And the degree of manipulation in the marketing world scares that same stuff out of me now. Buy local. Barter. Buy used. Grow your own.


    What a great video to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.


  20. HHAHAH freakin love it!

    I was waiting for them to bring out a pink pony.

    This is some legit stuff!