Work / Play Table

I am starting to have a new obsession: Multifunctional Tables and Desks. Take this table called Doppelleben. As its name suggests, it has a ‘double life’: Play on top, work below. The tabletop consists of two layers. If you need to use the lower layer, you can slide two lightweight panels down the sides. And when the work is done (or is safe to be interrupted), the panels come up creating a surface for dining and entertaining. This working/dining combo is merely a suggestion, of course. You can use the lower layer tabletop as a bookshelf, a utensil storage, a display for your collectables, or in any way you see fit.

Smart? YES!

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  1. So great! Perfect for small spaces where furniture needs to serve more than one function. I love it when functional pieces are so appealing.

  2. They should call this table “The Mullet” — business in the front, party in the back.

    I agree, this is excellent, especially for apartment living where space is at a premium.

  3. While I love the intent of this, If someone spills that tea on the top surface say buh-bye to the work below.

  4. That’s funny, I had the mullet thought too!

    I love the idea too, but the ergonomics present a problem; it’s widely accepted that desks/workstations should be a certain height, especially if you’re sitting there for prolonged periods. In this case, either the desk is going to be too low, or the dining table too high. Not ideal.

  5. I had this idea about fifteen years ago but gave up developing it further when I bumped into the ergonomic problem stated above. I intended some kind of mechanical construction that lifts the lower level while the two lightweight panels are sliding down the sides. I am a hobby designer, doing designing just for fun and would like to see if the designer of this table could also solve this ergonomic problem. If not then in my opinion this table is “just” art.