Gift Complaint Form

This Gift Complaint Form made me chuckle. You can download it as a PDF here and pack it along with your next gift. I am tempted to inlude one with gifts to my godchildren in Switzerland. They are 9 and 8 and I am having the hardest time figuring out what a kid in that age would like. I wouldn’t be hurt if they returned it with the filled out form. Ha!

Thank you Chris Glass. This Gift Complaint Form idea is brilliant!

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  1. can you send this to my MIL, please? ;)

  2. Nice organization of cynical and rude sentiments, why didn;t I think of that? If a gift is unwanted just say “Thank you for caring” and move on with your life.


  3. I’d feel a bit hurt if I got one of these out of the blue, but I think the joke is for when you know you’re likely to miss the mark with a gift, and send the blank form along with the gift.

  4. loved this!
    Oh…and know exactly what you are talking about, having a “Gotte girlie teenager” in Switzerland myself. Will totally include this with the next b-day shipment, and am curious to see if she is brave enough to mail the form back to hear auntie in America!

  5. Hahaha love this!

  6. Misses the mark.

  7. For kids 8 and 9, they’ll probably want an iPhone or Play Station.
    Get them LEGO, that should keep them busy, it certainly kept me happy when I was a kid.

  8. This is great! Can’t wait until my birthday.

    Ok, so I won’t really send them out, but I’ll sure fill some out!

  9. Anyone ever sending me one of these will be de-friended on Facebook, minimum.

  10. To Huunde, being de-friended on Facebook is probably a blessing in disguise.

  11. My sister could use one of these, she seems to have issues with all her gifts! Love this!