Girl from Ipanema

Is it me or is Astrud Gilberto completely emotionless during this performance? Nevertheless, I love the song.

(via byrd and belle)

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  1. Great song :)

  2. she is as distanced and removed as the girl is from the observer.

  3. I just thing a little bit more emotion would have been a nice thing, but nonetheless I adore this song

  4. You are right Tina,
    My guess is that she must of had stage fright.

    I wonder what program that was from?
    Love the set design!

  5. The original version is better of this song!
    I love it

  6. I’m a brazilian guy and grew up listening this music in portuguese with Tom Jobim. The english version is amazing too.
    For curiosity, the waves represents the art in sidewalks of Rio de Janeiro.

  7. It’s a melancholy song, so that doesn’t bother me as much as the way her arms just hang there.

  8. I’m not sure what kind of an emotion she should be expressing. The song evokes a certain emotional detachment so her lack of facial expression doesn’t really bother me. But yeah she is a little stiff in her body.

  9. after recording her first songs, during the folowing presentation, they found out she had stage fright.. so there you go..

  10. presentations*

  11. and following*

  12. I guess at that time musicians were unhappy doing playback, opposed to today’s counterparts. Also if you take a look, till the 70’s, most of the musicians did not feel the need to act on stage, they thought they were only musicians, not actors.
    So this tv recording feels for us pretty strange, but I think it is at least honest :)

  13. Yes, stage fright could be part of it. I also agree with Gergerly. I think early-day TV was also just a lot more simple and straight forward. TV was young and the audience not nearly as demanding as we have grown to be. Check this classic Dionne Warwick piece. She is also very young here and has that same muted demeanor:

  14. what do you mean with emotionless? she is moving her hips. That’s gotta count for something :-.)