Help Japan

Max Erdenberger of W+K studio designed this print to raise relief funds for the devastating earthquake and subsequent massive tsunami that struck Japan March 11, 2011. They are asking a donation of at least $25 for a print, with 100% of the profits going to the relief effort. They will of course accept and pass along a donation of any amount. Their W+K Tokyo office is currently deciding which NPO the funds will be going to. Spread the Word!

(Thank you Max)

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  1. Just changed my FB, LinkedIn and Twitter profile pic and posted and update linking to Max’s site.

  2. Nice to see people come out to support victims of a disaster. An art director friend of mine has created a design for people to post on digital billboards.

  3. I bought one of these this morning. Love it.

  4. I’m curious to know if any Japanese have seen the print and have comments about it.

    Flags can be rather personal symbols and people don’t necessarily respond well to them being played around with, particularly by foreigners.

    Though I could be wrong, of course.

  5. There seems to be a very fine line between condemning Bing for its Twitter appeal and applauding initiatives like this – which I honestly don’t understand. Why don’t we just stop thinking about our business for a moment and simply do what Japan needs the most: donate. Without posters. Without artwork. It’s that simple.

  6. People, if you want to donate, donate. If you want to help Japan, donate. Don’t make posters. You don’t need merchandise to help other people, you don’t need material goods. The time you put into that posters and into the comments above, you could have well used help already.

    Lea, seconded.

    Brian, how is changing your social profile pictures going to help Japan. I hope it will, at least, help your self-appraisal.


  7. Matt

    I appreciate your honesty but lets say the time put into that poster was around 5 minutes and it raises $40,000. Do you think that is helping people? Also that poster is clear and a quick read. Help Japan.

    What are you doing to help and how long dd it take you to write your comments?

    Sorry to sound punky. I just don’t see how people are supposed to Just donate without being asked in creative ways.

  8. If this was a flag. I would hang it outside the door of my house.
    Any chance of making it into a flag for outside?