Instant Rainbow

I just gasped at the sight of this Instant Rainbow Poster. It made me ‘Instant Happy’. This must find a home in our studio!

(via matt / jessi)

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  1. great -simple- idea

  2. Better nab it quick, there’s only 1 available!

  3. That IS instant happiness!

  4. Brings a smile. Very nice.

  5. Ok…I LOVE this! Brings tears (of joy) to my face. Reminds me of the days of real : ) photography when polaroids were our little workhorses and really pieces of instant art. Thanks for posting!

  6. Nice but where is the 7th colour?

  7. Thank you so much for the compliments on my design and for featuring it on your awesome blog Swissmiss! I’m beyond excited to be featured on here!

    Dave… I purposely didn’t use a seventh colour because it is the Polaroid ‘rainbow’ of colours which matches the stripe of colour on the front of the camera.

  8. Must, must have!!! Oh…I can’t wait for it to adorn the walls of our office. xo.

  9. Not looks bad, but it is nothing original, as any of authors other work, many similar prints are aviable on etsy already, also bit overpriced:-/

  10. @Griffo — Excuse me, but that’s my design, mate, including the faceplate of the camera. All documented on my blog, The Branding of Polaroid. I believe that the seventh color is on the flag of the gay community.

  11. @griffo68 I was just being pedantic if it says “Rainbow” I expect to see a rainbow….

    @Paul Giambarba I’m loving your work, the Polaroid Land Camera was ahead of it’s time.

  12. @Paul Giambarba – I’ve browsed a bit through your really catchy blog, but didn’t found that specific design. Could you give me a hint, pls.?

    P.S.: Great to see your somehow connected to Tonka, one of my favourites when I was a kid.

  13. While we’re on the subject, the distinct image of a Polaroid photo emerging from a camera, please click on
    and scroll down to the work of Grant Hamilton and notice the similarity.
    @Sven — click on and scroll almost all the way to the Polaroid One-Step, if that’s what you’re looking for.
    @Dave –Thank you.

  14. I bought this print and I love it. The quality of the printing and the weight of the paper are brilliant. I also bought I want to Rock with you from the same designer a while back. Anyway seeing the link to your blog has just meant I lost another hour of my life browsing through. It is just lovely Swiss Miss.

  15. This is great, I love it. I’ll be getting myself one of these a.s.a.p.