Visual Budget – an Interactive Guide to the Federal Budget

Visual Budget will be a data-visualization web site that explains all the complicated ins and outs of the US Federal Budget using interactive charts and motion graphics. It is a tool that lets citizens like you and me understand this important issue, armed with the latest most comprehensive facts and figures. It brings a new breadth of knowledge to our political discourse and helps us share our opinions with artistic power.

Definitely worth supporting. Back it over on Kickstarter:

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  1. Hey, the two links in the text aren’t working. Just thought you’d want to fix it.

  2. Oy. Thanks Kurt. I’ll fix it!

  3. No problem. Glad to help. :)

  4. I appreciate what these guys are trying to do, but I’m wary of their consuming fascination with whiz-bang motion graphics, which are more often than not the enemy of clarity.

  5. @Tina,
    Thanks for mention! We greatly appreciate it.

    Your comment is duly noted. We will take your concern very seriously in our design process. I hope to find a good balance between elegant clarity in chart design and animation for continuity. And I’ll take care not to gild turds with whiz-bang.

  6. Just be sure that what you develop is truly nonpartisan. You cannot let your personal bias enter into your project . You must haVE YOUR WORK PEER REVIEWED BE GREAT MINDS IN ECON1001 FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM.

    I’m a retired teacher and can see just how your concept will help educate the folks in the greatest potential disaster that our society has faced .

    I see that you are shopping for money be sure to get some from all camps and DO NOT LET THE MONEY DRIVE YOUR FINAL PROJECT.


  7. its a great idea, it can be used by third world countries too.