That’s How!

I am obviously a huge fan of Christoph Niemann. So it’s no surprise that I already pre-ordered his latest children’s book called That’s How!

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  1. It’s very fun not only for children :)

  2. ah, adorable!

  3. haha! great! reminds me of the ‘life is too short for the wrong job’ campaign! :)

  4. really cute. but is it always the girl asking the boy? :/

  5. hehe. The whale one made me giggle.

  6. Hmm, one of my favourite book in my childhood was a similar one, but there everything was explained how they really worked. And although I could not understand a lots of stuff because I was too small for that, I would never exchange that book for these… even if these are nicer, even if I would “understood” these…
    People forget that children are just small people, they are better off with realism than teaching silly stuff.
    my 2 cents.

  7. I agree with Gergely. The designer in my says “nice!”… but as an engineer, I think “nooooo….!!”
    It’s great to encourage kids to be kids and have fun, and humor, and encourage creative thinking – but I’d hate to see knowledge and facts get thrown out the window. Education has to balance it all, is what I’m trying to say :-)

  8. Is it always the Girl asking the Boy?!

    If so, I wouldn’t consider it fit reading material for either my little Girl or Boy. That being said, if it is indeed more egalitarian I would most definitely consider getting it. It’s important to encourage the imagination as much as possible.