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Josh Higgins started a project with Doyald Young in November of 2010 that got never finished. It was to be a gift from himself and Doyald to one of their mutual friends. Before the poster was finished, sadly, Doyald passed away. The day after his passing, Josh contacted Jessica Hische and she graciously and beautifully brought the project to life. The poster took a whole new direction from a gift for a friend to a way to raise money for a type scholarship in Doyald’s name.

(I just ordered one but am a little confused at the $50 shipping fee.) Ah! It was a typo! Whew!

(via designworklife)

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  1. Hopefully it was a typo (the $50 shipping fee) its usually $5… Beautiful poster!

  2. I love mine. It’s gorgeous.

  3. It was a typo. Sorry. Meant to put $5.00. I am dumb.

    Thank you for the post!

  4. @Josh, good to know! I am sure you’ll be selling way more now! :)

  5. beautiful and true

  6. Love this! It keeps the inspiration coming :)